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Women as social entrepreneurs and why is it harder for them to obtain investments

An estimated 45% of the world's social entrepreneurs are female, according to the research. That's truly gender-balanced, especially when compared to classic businesses, where only 29% of women are in senior positions.

You might account for the usual stereotype of ladies being more emphatic or nurturing. However, the inequality problem arises in fundraising – considering that it is much harder for women to obtain investments for their respective social businesses. Technology start-up events attract an audience that consists mostly of men, while women tend to participate in social entrepreneurship-oriented events significantly more. Yet, these are different from ones focusing on social innovations. „The problem is two-fold. Firstly, it's about the ambitions; secondly – it's highly tied to self-confidence," explains Simona Simutyte, the founder of ChangeMakersON. While female founders obtain only 2% of the investments into social businesses, it is important to note that only 10% of pitches for investors originate from women. 90% of funding requests are of males.

"There's this strange communicative construct and I do get this question a lot myself – How do you feel as a female entrepreneur?", shares our expert. "I always return that with "You mean, how do I feel as an entrepreneur?".

Women still somewhat oblige themselves to feel like she-founders, therefore also creating segregation. "When we talk about business, enterprises, social business, or entrepreneurship, we do not speak in regards to gender. Meanwhile, when a female's pitch is gender-based, the lack of confidence often comes to light as it's expressed through a plea rather than a request; or is accompanied by an excessive power demonstration." ponders the CEO, "It doesn't come across as natural."

The aforementioned situation often subconsciously translates as a message of someone who came to fight, while the investors are not looking for short-term fighters – instead, they're in search of someone with sufficient skills and personal qualities to go forward. Women, without any generalization, pack plenty of such expertise naturally, as they bring a lot of power alongside valuable patience due to their rather unfavorable statistical position. "A lot of female empowerment movements have a shade of "let's bear through", rather than "we're all equal" – and translates as a result of subconscious inferiority complex, while it is completely not about gender." notices Simona. "We should encourage ourselves as equals, rather than excessively question oneself based on gender." #socialfinancelab #impactinvestment #womenempowerment #erasmusplus

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